About us



In 2016 SINAM Int’l IT Solutions founded to be one of Al Kuhaimi Group www.alkuhaimi.com IT companies to serve local growing IT market which is starving to have specialized System Integrator who can provide latest technology solutions with best quality and highest security consideration.


why us

Since we started SINAM Int’l IT Solutions journey, we kept our close eyes on rapid Information Technology Market.


Being in top 5 System Integrators in Saudi Arabia with highest successful project implementation and highest customer satisfaction record.


Exceed customer expectations by advising and implementing the best cost-effective solutions. 



We help analyze your IT capabilities and cost structure, and provide opti ons onhow technology can enable your organization to achieve more at less cost.

With our team of experts, we understand typical challenges organizations are facing to transform to cloud, secure cyber environment or analyze and
visualize Big Data. Our team, gradually will take your business into the cloud, secure your cyber arena and reap the benet of Data that you have.

Part of SINAM Int’l IT Solutions vision to expand and provide its remarkable services to GCC, Dubai oce launched and it is operating starting March 2018 to cover GCC.

Over the past forty years, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed a lifetime’s growth
and development - on a scale rarely seen in
any country in the world.