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Who We Are?


SINAM International IT Solutions was established in 2016 as part of the technological companies affiliated with Al Kuhaimi Group with the aim of meeting the needs of companies and institutions in the technological field inside Saudi Arabia.

There has been an increasing need for a company specializing in information systems and integrating them with the companies’ systems at the highest possible quality and highest safety degrees and that through paying attention and keeping abreast with the continuously developing IT field.

The significant progress in the IT field over the past decade, the development of social media platforms and the increased global interest in it has led to producing massive amounts of information. This prompted giant companies to innovate and introduce new solutions to be capable of keeping abreast with that big data and how to deal with it.

Since its establishment in 1975, Al Kuhaimi Group has been attempting to keep abreast with the development occurring in the kingdom through a variety of companies interested in a wide array of fields such as SINAM International IT Solutions, Al Kuhaimi Metal Industries (KMI), Al Kuhaimi for Advanced Electronic Solutions (KAES), Technical Products and Solutions Co. (TPS), Remote Logistics Arabia Services and Al Kuhaimi Maintenance & Retrofit.

The gross of the huge amount of information is due to the increasing knowledge of the world and interest in social networking platforms that have been used in the development of business and trade in previous years. Sinam’s perspective follows the vision of 2030 in developing digital and technical solutions to develop infrastructure and invent new software and equipment to preserve this information and use it in business development, keeping pace with technology and information development, which consequently seeks to raise the efficiency of companies and maintain customer satisfaction.

The Future

Our Evolving Objectives

SINAM International IT aims to become one of the largest five companies operating in integrated systems inside Saudi Arabia, achieving the highest success rate in projects, maintaining customer satisfaction always and forever and that by exceeding their expectations through counseling them constantly and using the most cost-effective solutions.

We are always eager to provide the best services you require to be able keeping abreast with global digital development throughout the World and moving into the digital space with all of the benefits that we offer to companies in various sectors around the world.

Cyber Security

SINAM provides a variety of security solutions that companies need for the purposes of protecting and secure information.
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Big Data Services

We provide a variety of big data science services which will assist companies in accessing all data.
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Computing Cloud

We provide a variety of cloud services to assist companies in digitizing their systems and abandoning the traditional systems.
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Consulting Services of SINAM includes a variety of solutions that the companies need to manage their systems and businesses.
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Advanced Services of SINAM

These services include the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for linking between the various systems and the existing equipment.
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Grow Your Business With Us

We are always keen to provide the best services you need to keep abreast of technological development and move to digital space with all the advantages we offer to companies in different sectors around the world.