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Who We Are?

Our Team

SINAM International IT offers a variety of technical services that all companies require by combining cutting-edge technology and various aspects of business development.
As a result, it relies on a highly trained team in the company’s various fields, which include cloud computing and digital solutions, as well as consulting solutions and advanced technologies that companies may require.

Our team consists of a group of digital security experts who work on analyzing your site, providing necessary security reports and filling gaps that may cause future problems.

SINAM is committed to a set of high-quality standards and accuracy when selecting team members, so that each member is an expert in its specialized field and that for the purpose of ensuring the quality of services provided to all of its clients and success partners.
Our team is distinguished by its extensive experience in the Saudi and Gulf markets in general, which enables us to provide the best customized services appropriate to the companies needs operating in the Gulf region and especially in Saudi Region.

The Future

Who We Are?

Our Clients