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SINAM Services

Big Data Solutions

SINAM provides a range of big data services to assist businesses in accessing all required data, analyzing and using it properly. Among these services are:

Management and Solutions for Storage Options

By selecting the best method from among the available storage options and assessing it based on the company’s needs for advanced storage solutions.

Management and Control of Data Risks

These services are an important part of your company’s data security process because we assess the potential risks and locations of data leaks, and then manage those risks to reduce them as much as possible.

Archiving of Social Media Profiles:

One of the critical aspects that businesses must monitor is the incoming and outgoing communications with customers or official entities to be evaluated and submitted to the appropriate authorities if necessary.
  • Data Clean-Up: To remove corrupt and inconsistent data and to try keeping it in its original status so that it can be easily analyzed.
  • Data Mining: To access patterns and models in order to solve business problems. This process assists companies in analyzing a large amount of data within the company’s systems that employees easily collect without the need for the human factor.
  • Data Purification: To completely remove and destroy damaged data in an irreversible manner so that it does not affect the company’s systems in the future. This is a critical issue especially when removing company’s devices, exchanging them, or even selling them as used parts, to ensure that no one can easily access the company’s systems and sensitive data.
  • Backups and Data Archiving: To provide professional options for archiving, taking backup copies of your data, and restoring it easily at any time you need it without the hassle, or dealing with backup or archiving systems; as our team is able to assist you in accessing and restoring backups of your data when you need it.

Services for Business Intelligence

These services refer to the preparation, extraction, and management of data, as well as its visualization via a set of tools and processes that enable data-driven decision-making within the organization in order to make sound decisions. This happens in collaboration with a group of the world’s largest data science and analysis companies, including Microsoft, NetApp, Qlik, Unitrends, Dell/EMC, and HPE.
Who We Are?

Our Clients

Cyber Security

SINAM provides a variety of security solutions that companies need for the purposes of protecting and secure information.
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Big Data Services

We provide a variety of big data science services which will assist companies in accessing all data.
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Computing Cloud

We provide a variety of cloud services to assist companies in digitizing their systems and abandoning the traditional systems.
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Consulting Services of SINAM includes a variety of solutions that the companies need to manage their systems and businesses.
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Advanced Services of SINAM

These services include the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for linking between the various systems and the existing equipment.
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