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SINAM Services

Services for Business Intelligence

These services refer to the preparation, extraction, and management of data, as well as its visualization via a set of tools and processes that enable data-driven decision-making within the organization in order to make sound decisions.

This happens in collaboration with a group of the world’s largest data science and analysis companies, including Microsoft, NetApp, Qlik, Unitrends, Dell/EMC, and HPE.

Who We Are?

Our Clients

Cyber Security

SINAM provides a variety of security solutions that companies need for the purposes of protecting and secure information.
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Big Data Services

We provide a variety of big data science services which will assist companies in accessing all data.
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Computing Cloud

We provide a variety of cloud services to assist companies in digitizing their systems and abandoning the traditional systems.
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Consulting Services of SINAM includes a variety of solutions that the companies need to manage their systems and businesses.
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Advanced Services of SINAM

These services include the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for linking between the various systems and the existing equipment.
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